Ian Alkire

A child of the ’50’s, and shooter since age 4.
My first firearm was when I was 7, and I was introduced to reloading by a local neighbor to save money on ammo.

Joining the US Navy as a gunners mate during Viet Nam added military training to a growing experience and aptitude in this field.

More years of working on various reloading techniques, while constantly searching for those “perfect loads”, led to many discussions with industry engineers, & others who expanded my knowledge base.

I began swaging jacketed bullets about 10 yrs ago, and have been learning even more, after being exposed to yet another level in “bullet making”.

Now, we are in a position to “give back” by sharing the knowledge & experience, with not only those who want to begin to learn how, but those who have been doing this for “a while already”, and who want to increase their knowledge base in this field.