Robert Gonzalez “Gonzo”, MstGySgt, USMC, Ret.

Master Gunnery Sergeant (Ret.) Robert Gonzalez aka “Gonzo”

Originally from Los Angeles, California; he is a long time resident of the Gardenerville Nv. area.

33 years of active service in the US Marine Corps, 3 ½ years in Los Angeles Sherriff Officer,
10 ½ years executive protective service and a security specialist, hobbies include but not limited to shooting, reloading, horseback riding, camping.

He is passionate about teaching others the fine art of marksmanship fundamentals.

With over 40 years of marksmanship background in either teaching/applying to include being instrumental in developing course curriculum, for several military units as well as police agencies.

Former member of the Marine Corps Rifle and Pistol team, as well as qualified Marine Rifle and pistol marksmanship instructor