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About Bear Bullets

We are glad you chose to visit our site.

We are based in Gardnerville, Nevada, and operate a brick & mortar store here. Gardnerville is about 45 miles due south on I395 from Reno, NV, and about 15 miles due east from South Lake Tahoe.

Our primary goal is to meet the needs of reloading & shooting enthusiasts, by providing a wide variety of components & supplies to fit everyone’s budget and needs.

By purchasing products which are in demand in bulk, we are doing our best to keep costs down, while not “gouging”, as it seems so many have been doing recently.

Our stock levels are always going to be in flux, and we will do the best we can to keep our inventory levels at acceptable quantities. However, we may be low on something you are looking for. If there is an issue, we will try a variety of ways to resolve it.

Our store hours are from 10am to 6pm Thursday through Saturday, and Noon to 5pm on Sundays. The phone number is 775-392-3213 for questions, and any orders you have.

We also will be offering training classes both in the store, as well as at a variety of local ranges. Some instructors are resident here in the Douglas Valley, others are from all over the world. 1st class instruction is guaranteed by any and all of them. Stay tuned to the schedule board for upcoming announcements as we are able to book them. Lots of exciting skill sets are going to be taught here!!



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