Alliant Powder


2400® Smokeless Magnum Handgun
• Originally used in .22 Hornet and .410 shot shell
• High velocity powder
• Great for 357 and 44 mag
• Shooter’s choice for .410 bore

BE-86™ Smokeless Pistol
• Improved flow
• Contains flash suppressant
• Versatile.
• Used in smaller calibers up to .40 S&W

Bullseye® Smokeless Pistol
• Introduced in 1913
• Fast burning and consistent
• Economical and accurate
• Unsurpassed accuracy in the .45ACP

Power Pistol® Smokeless Pistol
• Designed for high performance semi-autos
• Maximum velocity for high performance semi auto pistol rounds
• Economical and efficient
• Works best in 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, and .357 Sig

Power Pro™ 300-MP (Magnum Pistol) Smokeless Spherical Magnum Pistol
• Improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading
• Maximum velocity and performance in magnum handguns
• Enables reloaders to duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition


AR-Comp™ Smokeless Rifle
• Developed specifically for the AR-15 style rifles
• Ideal for heavy 223 and 308 match bullets
• Suitable for all semi-auto rifles
• Works well with .22-250, 223 WSSM, .243, 260 Rem, 7mm-08 and others

Power Pro® 1200-R Smokeless Double Base Spherical
• Designed for .223 progressive loading
• Meters well
• Double base formulation
• Lot to lot consistency
• Made in the U.S.A.

Power Pro™ 2000-MR (Medium Rifle) Smokeless Spherical Medium Rifle
• Improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading
• Excellent performance in heavy .223 and .308 loads
• Enables reloaders to duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition

Power Pro™ 4000-MR (Magnum Rifle) Smokeless Spherical Magnum Rifle
• Improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading
• Superior performance in the 7mm and .300 Win. Mag. cartridges
• Enables reloaders to duplicate certain medium rifle heavy bullet factory loads

Power Pro™ Varmint Smokeless Spherical Light Rifle
• Improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading
• Enables reloaders to duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition
• Excellent performance in the standard varmint cartridges

Reloder® 7 Smokeless Small Rifle
• Small caliber varmint loads
• Meters consistently for both varmint, and bench rest shooters
• Great for .45-70 and .450 Marlin

Reloder® 10x Smokeless Small Bore Rifle
• Excellent for bench rest cartridges
• Great in 223 and 22-250 with light bullets
• Optimum velocity in small caliber, or light bullet varmint loads

Reloder® 15 Smokeless Medium Rifle
• Broad caliber range
• Consistent at all temperature
• High velocity varmint loads
• Best all around medium speed rifle powder available
• Used by US military in their .308/M118 long range sniper rounds

Reloder® 17 Smokeless Medium Rifle
• Designed for short magnum / medium rifle case capacity
• Meters easily and consistently
• Provides maximum velocity in even worst weather conditions
• Burn speed similar to IMR4350, but with increased velocity

Reloder® 19 Smokeless Heavy Rifle
• Powder of choice for .270, .30-06 and .338 calibers
• Excellent metering to provide consistent cartridges
• Superb accuracy in standard, and light magnum rifles

Reloder® 22 Smokeless Magnum Rifle
• Powder of choice for .270, 7mm Mag and .300 Win Mag
• Excellent metering
• Accurate and consistent in heavy bullet and rifle applications

Reloder® 25 Smokeless Heavy Magnum Rifle
• Slow burning powder
• Delivers high energy for heavy magnum loads
• Ideal for over bore magnums, delivers maximum velocity
• Recommended for Weatherby rifles, and for big game hunting

Reloder® 33 Smokeless Magnum Rifle
• Specifically designed for the .338 Lapua Magnum
• Also suited for a variety of large magnum rifle cartridges
• Double base formulation
• Meters well
• Superior lot to lot consistency

Reloder® 50 Smokeless Powder for 50BMG Rifle
• Clean burning with less residue
• Density designed for application, very consistent lot-to-lot
• Superior velocity for shot to shot consistency


20/28™ Smokeless Shotshell
• Powder of choice for 20 and 28 gauge target loads
• Designed for Skeet and Sporting Clays
• Competition-grade performance

410® Smokeless Flake Shotshell
• Clean burning, designed specifically for .410 skeet and field loads
• Uses lower charge weights for optimum loading characteristics
• Superior ballistic performance
• Consistent in all weather conditions

American Select® Ultra-clean Smokeless Shotshell/Handgun
• Designed for 12 gauge target loads & Cowboy Action handgun loads
• Ultra clean burning, optimal low recoil and excellent patterning
• Great pistol powder as well

Blue Dot® Smokeless Magnum Shotshell/Handgun
• Powder of choice for magnum and hunting loads
• Consistent in all weather applications
• Also serves as great magnum handgun powder
• Accurate in 10, 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge

Clay Dot® Smokeless Shotshell
• Optimum for light, standard 12 gauge target, and competition loadings
• Duplicates the performance of Hodgdon® Clays™ at an economical price
• Same bushing setups/load data as Hodgdon® Clays™, no changes needed
• Proudly made in America

e3® Smokeless Target Shotshell
• Clean burning and low charge weight 12 gauge powder for competition
• “Energy, Efficiency, Excellence” = e3®
• Consistent performance in all weather conditions

Extra-Lite™ Smokeless Shotshell
• Powder density allows use of standard available components (wads and cases)
• Pressure level assures complete combustion across temperature ranges
• Made in the USA

Green Dot® Smokeless Shotshell
• Best long range clay target powder available
• Superior tight patterning, lower felt recoil, cleaner burning
• Versatile for target and field in 20 and 28 gauge loads

Herco® Smokeless Heavy Shotshell and Handgun
• Excellent hi-base hunting loads since 1920
• Best powder for 12 gauge 1-1/4oz upland game loads
• Great for magnum handguns

Pro Reach™ Smokeless Heavy Shotshell
• Specially formulated for long distance 12 gauge shooting
• Ideal for games such as Back Porch, Annie Oakley, Protection and Buddy
• Best in 12 gauge hunting loads, and long range clay target shooting

Promo® Smokeless Shotshell
• Full target load performance at an extreme economy price
• Reliable, consistent and meters well

Red Dot® Smokeless Target Shotshell
• America’s number one choice
• Lot-to-lot consistency
• Economical and efficient, shotshell and handgun

Steel® Smokeless Shotshell for Steel Shot
• Consistent at all temperatures
• Stays within safe pressure limits for 10 and 12 gauge hunting loads
• Maximum velocity and proven performance in all steel & non toxic shot loadings
• Great powder in 2oz turkey loads

Unique® Smokeless Shotshell and Pistol Powder
• Most versatile flake powder made
• Works well in all popular pistol calibers, including magnums
• Great for 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge loads